Getting Started with the BlueCamroo API

The BlueCamroo API (application programming interface) is a way for developers to create applications that "talk" to BlueCamroo. It's a way to get data out of BlueCamroo and get data into BlueCamroo.

The API defines:

1) A list of commands and parameters that can be sent to BlueCamroo to perform get (return data), add (add data into BlueCamroo), and delete (remove data from BlueCamroo) functions

2) The format the data must take to get information into BlueCamroo

3) The format of the information returned from BlueCamroo

Your application's responsibility is to:

1) Authenticate the connection before issuing commands

2) Issue commands to BlueCamroo that conform to the API format

3) Expect data returned in either XML or JSON format

4) Manipulate the data and put it into a format for end user use or into a format for use by another application

5) React to error codes

The BlueCamroo API documentation lists the commands your third party application can issue to BlueCamroo. This documentation will explain how to authenticate, the command and parameters you can issue, the format the data is returned, and what error codes you need to trap.